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    Hello.  Welcome to our web site.  We thank you for taking the time to find out more about us.

    We are here to be of service to Christian stewards, by making available to them trust services and by telling them about planned giving opportunities.  As we are part of the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, almost all of our clients are Hawaii Southern Baptists.

    I invite you to spend time at this web site at your leisure to see if anything we offer may be of interest to you or your church.  At various points within our simple web site we have provided links to parts of the My Legacy of Faith web site maintained by the Southern Baptist Foundation (SBF).  They provide more extensive explanations to help Christian stewards with their estate planning and thinking about charitable giving.

    I suggest that you first work through our simpler web site with its larger print and visit parts of SBF’s web site from subjects within our web site that you would like to pursue further.  If you prefer to go directly to the more elaborate SBF web site, simply click My Legacy of Faith.

    I invite you to call or email me if I can clarify anything or if I can help you begin using our services.  I would consider it a privilege to help you think through how you might accomplish your charitable giving objectives and if it comes to that, help you implement plans to achieve your goals.

    Please call me at 973-1111 or email me at



    Please call me at 973-1111 or email me at:


Paul Oyer, President

Hawaii Baptist Foundation

Arnold Goto, President

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