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Board of Directors

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Daniel McLellan, Secretary

Retirement Plan Actuary/


  Pali View Baptist Church

Anson Okimoto, Treasurer

Analyst, Federal Government Employee

 Olivet Baptist Church

Judy Lee, Chair

Trust and Estate Attorney

Partner, Law Firm of Goodsill,

 Anderson, Quinn & Stifel   

Nuuanu Baptist Church

Rev. Emory Gaskins, Vice Chair Pastor, University Avenue Baptist Church

 University Avenue Baptist Church

Don D.K. Kim

Retired President, Sony Hawaii

   Agape Mission Baptist Church

Voting Members

Lester Kaneta

President, Kaneta Foundation

Former CEO, Janco International

 University Avenue Baptist Church

Ex-Officio Members


Dr. Chris Martin

Executive Director/Treasurer

Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention

Rev. John Endriss


Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention


Arnold Goto


Hawaii Baptist Foundation

Sterling Lee

Pastor, First Baptist Church, Pearl City

 First Baptist Church, Pearl City