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    Cash gifts are a common form of giving.  Simply send a check payable to Hawaii Baptist Foundation with a letter letting us know what fund or ministry you want to support.  The full amount of cash gifts are tax deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income.



    Stocks, bonds, and similar securities can be endorsed to Hawaii Baptist Foundation.  The current value of the security is deductible in computing federal and state income taxes.  If you have owned the securities for longer than a year, you will not have to pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the security.  Thus, appreciated securities (and other appreciated assets) are an excellent thing to give.


Real Estate

    Title to real estate can be easily transferred to Hawaii Baptist Foundation.  As with securities, you will avoid the payment of capital gains taxes on the appreciated amount (the gifted value less your cost).

    There are ways to give your residence, yet continue to live in it, that provide current tax benefits.


Life Insurance

    Your insurance company can provide the forms by which you change your beneficiary and/or ownership designations to the Hawaii Baptist Foundation.  You can receive immediate tax deductions when the ownership is changed.



Retirement Plans

    Gifts from a retirement plan, such as an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) can avoid capital gains taxes and provide you with deductions in computing income taxes.



Personal Property and Other Assets

    Collectibles, paintings, patents, and copyrights are examples of other assets that can be given.  In many cases the same tax rules apply as apply to gifts of securities and real estate.  Capital gains taxes can be avoided and current income taxes can be reduced.


    All of the gifts noted above can be made currently or through a will or a trust as part of your estate plan.  Gifts to charities are excluded from the estate’s assets when computing estate taxes.


    Remember, though the title is transferred to Hawaii Baptist Foundation, the Foundation is merely a vehicle for getting your donation to the ministries you designate.



    Additional information on what to give is available at Giving Guide.

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